Arrowhead Center | NMSU

Arrowhead helps innovators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses at any stage start and grow through their services, resources, expertise, and connections. They are also the technology transfer and commercialization arm of NMSU, working with campus inventors and innovators to protect their work and ensure it reaches the broadest possible markets. While Arrowhead is based at NMSU in Las Cruces, NM and is deeply engaged in their on-campus community, they also work with people across the state, providing advice, mentorship, education, and hands-on experiences to pioneer new technologies, businesses, and partnerships.

The Arrowhead Center at NMSU is the lead supporting academic sponsor of Sandbox Ventures. 

Instituto de Innovación y Competitividad (IC2)

El Instituto de Innovación y Competitividad (I2C) is a supporting sponsor of the FIRE Ventures Fellows program. 

Mike Loya Center | UTEP

The UTEP Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce is a supporting sponsor for the FIRE Venture Fellows Program. 

Vela | Wood

VelaWood Law is a supporting sponsor for Sandbox Ventures, the FIRE Venture Fellows Program, and the El Paso Dia De Los Muertos Pitch Competition. 

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